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TK PRO 1.2-6X24IR

“Take Aim, Elevate Your Game: TK PRO 1.2-6X24IR – Redefining Accuracy, Redefining Success.”


Magnification (zoom): 1.2X-6X
Objective lens diameter: 20mm
Eyepiece diameter: 34mm
Pipe diameter: 30mm
Product length: 230mm
Product width: 70mm
Product height: 53mm
Product net weight: 500G
Parallax correction yardage: 100YDS
Effective adjustment range in horizontal direction: (+-80MOA)
Effective adjustment range of high and low directions: (+-80MOA)
Card wipe value: 1/2MTL
Adjustment method of card rubbing value: pull up and lock type adjustment
Exit pupil distance: 86-105mm
Exit pupil diameter: 16.9-3.38mm
Field of view angle value: 15.9°-3.2°
Illuminator: RG